Am I Responsible For My Husbands Debt?


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No it can not happen legally. Because the debt burden was before you got married and only your husband is to be held responsible for the payment.
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No, not if it happened before you were married.
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Mike Davis
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I find someone has commented that regardless of your being married, you'll be responsible for your husband's debt. I don't think so. The debt has some thing to do with whether it was acquired before or after marriage.
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If the debt has been generated after your marriage, then the creditor might come after your account if you have an account with the same carrier.
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These are all wrong as once you say I do, everything becomes marital debt and property regardless unless there is a pre nup agreement.  By saying I do, you automatically take responsibility for half the debt being brought into the marriage.
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If my husband has kids before we got married and his ex is now threating him with child support will I be held to pay it if he is not working

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