Is My Home Mortgage Paid Off If My Spouse Dies With Mortgage Insurance Premium?


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Your home mortgage will be paid off or not will depend on the policy and the type of insurance.

Mortgage life insurance will pay off the mortgage while the private mortgage insurance will cover 80% of the amount of the loan of the lender in case of default.

If there is property that is not covered by life insurance or any other second mortgages that do not have life insurance, then this property might be sold off.

When someone dies, even if it is your spouse or any other near relative, their debt is paid off from their 'estate'. No one is responsible to pay off the deceased debts except for some conditions.

The estate of the deceased will include all the property, investments, possessions and the money (which also includes the cash from insurance) that the person has left behind.

A spouse or a near relative is responsible for paying off the debts of the deceased if he or she had a joint loan or agreement or if they provided a loan guarantee for the debts. A husband or a wife or civil partner therefore does not become automatically responsible for paying off the debts of the deceased spouse or civil partner.

If you jointly owned a home with your spouse or partner, and there is not enough money to pay off the debts then you might have to sell off the home to pay the debts of the deceased.

If all the money of the deceased is not sufficient to pay the debts then the cash that has to be distributed to other people in the will would be withheld until the debts are paid off.
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What if there was no insurance, is there any other assistance out there to help with mortgage payments after the death of a spouse?
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Actually it all depends on the mortgage company policy, some companies may allow the transfer of mortgages to the heir while in other companies the heir can get the property more easily. 

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No. A mortgage is a secured loan that is paid in installments. It is secured
by the value of the home, and lenders use this value as collateral.
When a borrower dies before paying off the home, the mortgage loan will
be handled by his estate or any co-borrower on the loan. If there isn't a
co-signer on the loan, the borrower's will, if any, will dictate how
the mortgage loan should be handled.

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Look this over:

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Firstly it depends on the policy and type of that mortgage insurance, whether the company support the fact if the spouse was living in your house or don't. There are 23 condition from which a person die gets the mortgage paid; which more or less cover every type of death.
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While there is mortgage life insurance that would pay off the mortgage, I believe you are talking about private mortgage insurance, which is insurance for the lender covering the amount of the loan over 80% in case of default. Your spouse, as with many borrowers has been paying (standard for the industry) this lender's insurance. Sorry.
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