I Signed A Lease But My Boyfriend Kicked Me Out Am I Still Responsible?


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You are still responsible if your name is on the lease, however if your name is on the lease you still have a legal right to live there! Maybe you should move back in and if anyone leaves let it be him. If your name is on the lease the law cannot kick you out unless it is something by the landlord for payment, damage etc.
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Lady D Bell answered
Yes you are still responsible if your name is still on the lease. You need to go to the landlord and get your name removed off of the lease.
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Your signature makes you equal responsible for the lease, you can have your name removed once the lease is up in case he renews it....the best to you......
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Yes but you may be able to talk to the landlord, explain the situation and see if he will take your name off the lease. Be more careful next time

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