Can A Debt Collector Take My Property For My Son?


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No they cannot. A debt collector is different to a bailiff. They can only send a bailiff when you have defaulted on a county court judgement, so in other words unless there's been court action, no bailiffs can be used. A debt collector has no rights at all. However, in your case the debt is not in your name. Unless there is a contract in your name it doesn't matter whether your address has been used or not. The debt is not yours and your possessions are totally safe. Do not listen to the person who replied previously, they do not know what they are talking about. I am a lawyer who specialises in social welfare law. If you have still worried or want support, contact your local CAB or phone National Debt line
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Hi there
I wonder if you can help me. My partner took out a loan when he was much more financially secure, but as he is now not in a position to pay, due to now not having as much money coming in as he did when he was self employed he cannot pay it.
I am concerned for the house, which is in my name. The debt is in his. Can Debt Collectors/Bailiffs enter my house, and take my goods?
Your help would be gratefully appreciated. I am extremely worried and it is making me feel ill.
Hope to hear from you soon
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Are you in the UK?
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No, I don't think an agent can come and take things our of your home like that. Inform the authorities immediately. Or is it that your son is playing a game? A collection agency has to obtain a judgment against you, only then they can seize your property. Such a decision has to be taken by the court and it's done with the sole intention to repay your debt and to the extent you're indebted. That too has to be decided in the court. So, it's not that easy as it may seem!
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If it equals to what his debt is, and if you let him use your address for what he is in debt for, yes, they can take whatever they want.

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