Bad Debt Against My Home, How Do I Find Out How Many And How Much They Are?


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Or for roughly $100 or less you can call a title insurance company in your county & request an o&e report {ownership & encumbrance report) which will give you a clear report in black & white of whom you owe, how much & dates of the onset of said encumbrance (debt) and how to reach them if need be.  or if you reside in florida, usa I could do it for you free of charge. ‚ô•nassy
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Well first of all you will need to get a record of all the people that your husband dealed with including the ones that went bad. Then calculate the debts that have been paid off and also make a note of the ones still outstanding, this will give you a clear picture of how much bad debts you have in total. Furthermore add them all up and you will have all that you require. But you will need some documents and receipts to help as you have to make correct calculations regarding the debts. So look for a record or ask your husband about the deals he made with other people and then work on the basis of that information.
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You also may be able to find out about liens against your home by visiting your local courthouse, and asking for your property records (the same dept that you pay your property taxes to).  Also, this information may be available to you online, if your county posts property taxes and information.  You would need your property number and account number.
Hope that provides some help to you.
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I am unable to obtain credit in my name or partner due to a possible county court judgement against my address. I was unaware of this and have had no correspondence. How do I find out what debt has been stacked against my address?

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