How To Checking My Fifth Third Account Balance?


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Once a month, at the same time each month, most banks or credit unions send out a monthly statement with your current balance as well as all of the transactions for that month. The statement will have your correct balance as of the day and time the statement was printed so it could be accurate when you first get it. When it arrives, use this to check on your balance as well as to balance and reconcile your check book on a monthly basis.

Use the phone service the bank provides. Most banks have a free number that you can call to find out current balances as well as transaction information if you are waiting for something to clear. Visit your bank for information regarding this service. The bank should provide little information cards or pamphlets showing you exactly how to use the service as well as the number to call.

Check out your bank's online banking service. Most banks and credit unions allow you to access your account information online. Through this service, you should be able to check your account balance as well as check if transactions have gone through. Once again, visit or call your bank to get precise information The first time you get online to check your balance, you will need your account number and other personal information. You will also be required to set up a username and a password and the system will ask you to answer some security questions. You will not have to answer those security questions every time to get online, but whenever you use a different computer or the system has any doubts about your identity, those questions will come up to verify who you are.

You can also visit an ATM. If you have an ATM or debit card with a PIN number, you should be able to access your balance anytime through any of the automated machines.

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