What Are The Managerial Functions Of A Bank Manager?


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A bank manager's managerial functions may vary slightly depending on the size of the branch they are managing as well as the type of banking offered. Generally speaking though, the role of the bank manager will follow these functions:

  • Managing the team and overseeing the general running of the branch.
  • Recruiting new staff, conducting interviews and overseeing training and induction programs.
  • Coaching and encouraging staff to meet their targets such as signing customers up for credit cards or offering other services. The sales of the branch will reflect on the manager so it is in their interest to spur staff on to meet their targets.
  • Responsible for opening and closing the branch for business. On days off, this responsibility will probably be passed to the assistant bank manager.
  • Assisting staff when dealing with complex queries from customers. This may include explaining mortgage terms or other details.
  • Dealing with customer complaints or issues that the front line bank staff cannot deal with or resolve.
  • Taking direction from the head office and implementing new services and changes within the branch.
  • Making sure customers are able to see posters and/or leaflets of any new services offered by the branch.
There will probably be more ad-hoc duties which will vary depending on the size of the branch and type of customer (business or private).

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