How Do I Make Him Pay?


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I can understand your pain. I am a divorced father of 3 children and have never understood why a father would not support his children. I am slightly behind on my payments currently due to the loss of employment but am trying everything to make sure my kids have what they need to live. One thing you need to understand about my situation is that me ex continues to want more even though she knows there is no more to have. 3 years ago, my oldest joined the army and I asked her that now that he is supporting himself, we should re-evaluate the support payments as they should be adjusted. She refused and I have not been able to get enough money saved to hire an attorney for the adjustment. Also, unlike most fathers, I continue to be a part of my kids lives and want to be there for them. Most mothers would accept and appreciate this, so I have been told. But for her, she continues to try to drive me away. Anyway, enough about my situation.

I assume your husband is a US citizen. To be living in Puerto Rico, there has to be a passport/visa so he can work there to earn income (another assumption). You should be able to take your information back to court and have the judge/courts bring him back to the states and take care of his obligations. I don't know what kind of agreement the US has with Puerto Rico but dealt with some business ventures that also involved product being brought in from there. Check your resources. Get an attorney. Some things you will not be able to correct like not having his address even thought the divorce decree probably says he must give you current address. The only thing you can hope for is that things are made right and fair. That is all I ever expected continue to hope for.
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Thanks, fdjones. I'm really sorry about your case. It sounds really tuff. He's actually such a loser that he never works at a certain place "at least that I know of for more than a month and or is working under the table" but I'll look into that in court because it really isn't fair that he is "living it up" while I have to struggle to survive with my kids.
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Its a sad state of affairs when a child has to suffer because the father will not face up to his commitments. Here in Ireland and britain there are agencies such as the csa ,the child support agency, who actively track down absentee fathers and make them pay. I don't know if there is an equivalent body in the usa, but i am sure there must be support groups who could advise and help put you on the right track. Search the internet or ask your doctor if he knows of any such groups. Good luck
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Sorry to hear of another case, where a man simply want be a man. And except the fact that regardless if you two are together or not he still has a obligation to take care of his children. It is a plus to file with the courts so that you have a record of your claims. Also your state should have information on the course of action that can be taken on these matters. Also try Wish you and your children the best of luck. And remember GOD always looks out for HIS children.

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