What Are The Functions Of Export Manager?


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An export manager is responsible for the following:
· Overseas sales
· Delivery
· Transportation

It is the export manager's role to ensure that all of the required/ordered stock arrives at the correct destination safely and in the correct quantity. The export manager also has to consider customs and excise, duty costs and laws which may affect the delivery of the required products.

In addition to these primary roles, they will also have to deal with associated paperwork, reports, correspondence, packing, postage and financial implications. Export managers can work in any number of fields for example pharmaceuticals, fuels, transport, timber, stone, food and containers to name a few.

In order to become an export manager you should be educated to degree level and your degree should be in a relevant area, for the type of export in which you would like to work. In addition to this you must have good levels of literacy and numeracy; this would usually be at least a grade C at GCSE level. Relevant work experience in a relevant field would also be beneficial.

The wages for an export manager vary massively dependent on experience, level of qualification, length of time with a company, the company for which you work and the area in which you work and earn commission. The starting salary for a fully qualified export manager would be around $40,000 (or around £30,000) however, an experienced export manager could be paid anything up to $120,000 (or £110,000). Progressing up the career ladder can happen very quickly if you are prepared to move around from company to company.

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