What Are The Functions Of Icici Bank?


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The main functions of the India Icici Bank are to provide financial services to individuals, small businesses and large corporation. The Icici bank operates as a Unibank institution, providing a wide range of both personal and investment banking services, from loans to bank accounts to planned investment portfolios. To find out what the Icici Bank has to offer to you or your organization, check their official website or contact an advisor over the phone to find out which of their financial services you could benefit from.

  • Personal banking
The Icici Bank's first and foremost function is to provide banking services to individuals and families across India. It offers current accounts and mortgages to regular customers, and will provide generous loans to those with very good credit ratings. The bank aims to work closely with its customers in order to provide a high level of service and keep everyone satisfied. Most of those who have been serviced by the Icici Bank in India recommend it highly, due to the fantastic in-branch help provided upon request.

  • Business and corporate banking
Those who run businesses or corporations of whatever size should look into working with Icici Bank when it comes to important financial matters. The Icici Bank is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their potential by offering financial help and advice. In addition, those with plans to start a business are urged to consult the Icici Bank for great value loans. The institution offers investment solutions for those looking to make profit from the financial markets.

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