How can a focus in quality improve manufacturing?


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Improving quality in the manufacturing of the product can have several implications that will be beneficial to that company.

A focus in quality will improve manufacturing due to the following reasons:

• If the product is manufactured at a higher standard then there may be fewer 'duffs' to discard

• This will save the company a lot of money by not having to account for the reject products

• If the quality of the product is high then customers may well enjoy it more and so demand could increase

• Workers may feel more pride with what they are producing and so morale will be increased

• If the product is of a higher standard then it may be viable to increase the price-point of the product, thus increasing profit margins

Many companies may believe it is best to try to do everything 'on the cheap' to keep expenditure as low as possible - however this can cost them in the long-run. If a product is not at an acceptable standard then it is simply useless and so the money that has gone on materials and the production of that piece is completely wasted.

Therefore if a company invests in better tools or materials to produce the product to a much higher standard, although it may cost them more on the initial outlay, cutting out the waste of the discarded items will make it worth doing.

Also, as stated earlier, if the product is clearly a higher class then the price of the product will also increase, which could end up making a much larger profit margin for the company.
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Simon Gao answered

1. progress control

2. component control

3. labor'sdiathesis

4. standard lines

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