How Can I Find Out If I'm Entitled To Claim Sickness Benefit From The DHSS?


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I am not working but have paid ni for last 15years will I be able to claim sick pay
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Sickness benefit is also known as incapacity benefit. It is defined as a contributory non-means tested benefit. It is aimed at providing financial assistance to people who fall sick in such a way that they are unable to work.

You are entitled to sickness benefit from the DHSS if you are an ordinary resident of the United Kingdom, less than sixty years of age (in case of women) or sixty five years of age (in case of men).

You will receive sickness benefit at the same rate as your retirement pension for a period of one year (if your illness started before you reached the pension age or if it is linked to a period of illness for work before you reached the pension age). Your entitlement to sickness benefit depends upon your contribution to national insurance.

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