What Is Organization Behavior In Organization?


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Organization can be defined as understanding, prediction, and management of human
in organization.OB tends to be more theoretically oriented and at the micro level of analysis. Specifically, OB draws from many theoretical framework of the behavioral science that is focused on understanding and explaining individual and group behavior in organization.

As with other sciences, OB accumulates knowledge and tests theories by accepted scientific methods of research. With a rich background such as the studies and using an accepted scientific methodology as briefly outlined above, the field of organization behavior is now an accepted academic discipline. As with any other relatively new academic endeavor, however, there have been some rough spots and sidetracks along the way. Besides the healthy academic controversies over theoretical approach or research findings, perhaps the biggest problem that organization behavior has had to face is an identity crisis.

Is it an attempt to replace all management whit behavioral science concepts and techniques how if at all does it differ from good old applied or industrial psychology fortunately, these questions have now largely been answered to the satisfaction of most management academicians, behavioral scientists, and management practitioners. In very general terms the relationships between and emphasis of organizational behavior and the related disciplines of organization theory, organization development, and human resource management.

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