What Is Puffery?


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Puffery is a very notorious practice in the field of advertising, yet a very popular one. For advertisers as well as for consumers, puffery has an intriguing sense of appeal, that which could not be ignored. A suitable definition of puffery is the practice of advertising a product in a way that is laced with a superlative approach, heavily dependent on exaggerations, subjective opinions, not having an iota of objectivity or logic.

Despite being fully aware of the fact that all of this is nothing but an apocryphal chimera, a large percentage of consumers tend to enjoy such advertisements and a substantial chunk of them even go to the extent of buying the product that the advertisement is promoting. It is because of such customers that marketers and advertisers become encouraged to employ the approach of puffery as it works for them and generates prolific revenues for their organization.

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