Whom Would I Contact Regarding A Lost Medicare Card? Who Should I Contact In Order To Get Another One ?


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You should call the office in which you first received your original Medicare card, inform them that your card is missing in action, and that you need a new one right away. They will cancel your old one , give you a new number that ties you to your new card, and then you should be all set. If you do not know where to find the phone number to resolve this matter, you can get it in the government section of your phone book, it is in the front of mine. Good luck. And sorry you lost your card.
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You call Social Security to report the loss. Medicare is a part of Social Security and is tied to your social security number. When I worked in the nursing home business several years ago they did not cancel the old number, they just replaced the card. The number is usually either your social security number or a spouse's and the alpha character after the number ties to a list of several possibilities i.e. married, widowed, child, and the list goes on. Call 1-800-772-1213, it is a free call for you. You can also go into your local social security office or go online to request a replacement. These options get it replaced quicker for you

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