What Are The Benefits Of On The Job Training?


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There can be many benefits of on the job training, some of the advantages of on the job training are:

  • Employees learn to work in the environment that will work in future instead of a classroom and that makes them familiar with the environment.

  • On the job training may not require many costs because you do not need many special aids or trainer. It is usually provided by senior employees acting as guides.

  • If they have any confusion, it can be cleared right there and then and they will understand more about the job with the confusion being clarified before the actual job begins.

  • In the case of new employees, it will give them more confidence on the job because they will acquire knowledge about how they are supposed to work.

  • It stimulates the improvement process because new people will ask questions about how they have to work and may also give suggestions to improve working procedures.
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Some of the advantages of on the job training are:

  • Employees learn to work in their own environment and that is why the training is more useful. If they have any queries, they are entertained right there so that they do not have any confusions later on and gain experience while they are training.

  • It gives the employees more confidence and that is why it is especially very helpful in training the new employees and they become more at ease with the environment

  • It is very cost effective as you do not need any special materials; everything is about the job so the environment does not need any added costs.

  • It is also an effective way to come up with ways to improve the job as the employee being trained will ask questions about the procedures.

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