What Are Some Reasons That Support The Incorporation Of A Standardized Advertising Strategy?


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Some of the reasons that espouse the adoption of a standardized advertising strategy are inclusive of some benefits that the phenomenon of standardization would accomplish. Firstly standardization would become the source of leading the advertiser to generate savings through economies of scale in advertising planning, advertising production and advertising control.

Moreover standardization of an advertising campaign enable all the advertising messages reinforce and complement each other thus generating a cohesively universal appeal. Another big benefit of standardization is for the company who gets to hold the prime strings of the image of the brand that is far more reassuring instead of placing such an imporant responsibility in a foreign advertising agency's hands.

Also the presence of global media contributes towards creating global opportunities for the brand. Other than that, the converging of buyers needs and wants would give rise to the fact that buyers all over the world would want the same product and brand no matter in what area of the world they are. Lastly the scope of competition is very little for global companies in foreign markets pertaining to their strong brand presence.

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