What Was The Strategy Of The German Company Henkel In Accomplishing Its Marketing And Advertising Goals?


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Henkel, a German manufacturer company engaged in the business of household and cleaning products, designed an international marketing strategy to communicate its brand to the target markets of the countries that it was operating in. The three main goals that Henkel wanted to accomplish through its international marketing communication was to prevent and eliminate any sort of duplication of efforts in all its national companies along with providing a central theme and direction for new products and also achieve a high level of efficiency in the prospect of advertising production and impact.

The first step for this was the identification of how a product achieves fulfillment in needs or its respective functions. It is then followed by the determination of the common need that is present in a large area or maybe in all areas where the product or the brand sells. Once this need is determined, it is assigned to one specific product with a specific brand name. Next that specific brand is assigned to a specific brand manager who deals with one advertising agency and both they develop and market the brand. The last step involves the disempowerment of the use of that one specific benefit, name or creative campaign of that one specific brand for any other brand that the company sells.

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