What internal and external sources of information would a haulage company make use of in establishing its market strategy?


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When it comes to a haulage company, the process of establishing its market strategy would be reliant on two sets of data:

- internal

- extrenal

Internal can be anything from company reports through to analytics data about how the company has performed and operates.

This can be used to deduct trends, demographic data, customer behaviour and other factors that will fall into the marketing matrix.

As for external information that a haulage company might use, it is essentially any relevant data produce outside the company:

So it could be publically available company reports from competitors and companies in a similar operating niche.

It can also refer to market research, surveys, customer communication data, and help the company satisfy the following marketing and operational needs:

  1. reduce risk
  2. forecast trends
  3. understand customers better

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