Why Is The Focus On Quality?


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It is very necessary to focus on quality because to understand total quality, one must first understand quality. Customers of businesses will define quality very clearly using specifications, standards, and other measures. This makes the point that quality can be defined and measured. Although few consumers could define quality if asked, all know it when they see it. This makes the critical point that quality is in the eye of the beholder like beauty which is also in the eyes of the beholder. With the total quality approach, customers ultimately define quality.

People deal with the issue of quality continually in their daily lives. We concern ourselves with quality when grocery shopping, eating in a restaurant, and making a major purchase such as an automobile, a home, a television, or a personal computer. Perceived quality is a major factor by which people make distinctions in the market place. Whether we articulate them openly or keep them in the back of our minds. We all apply a number of criteria when making a purchase of a product of our own choice. The extent to which a purchase product meets these criteria determines its quality in our eyes.
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Rizwani, honey, quality is the life of a product. If you have product that has no quality, there is no product at all. If you are in a Total Quality Management project, you can make an A+ if you will understand and fully explain TQM. In which the answer is in itself already. If you know the meaning of quality, your quantity will increase, your revenue will increase all at the same time. Quality is the characteristic of any product that's in the market for consumers to purchase for whatever purpose they may have. Quality can be good or even bad.

Example: This product has no good quality in it - so I'll try the other one.
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Quality of a product is what brings the customers back.
For example: If I buy your product and it doesn't work anymore a week after I bought it, why would I buy your product again? I would replace it with another company who cares to make a quality product.

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