Why Are You Choosing Marketing For Your Specialisation?


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There are numerous reasons behind choosing marketing for specialization but I am writing down the most substantial reasons for choosing marketing.

1. Marketing is a theoretical subject and easy to obtain high-quality marks.
2. A marketing job produces lot of money that motivates students to choose it.
3. Marketing jobs do not demand experience because companies require fresh energetic individuals who are willing to work with them without any experience.
4. Students that are doing MBA also like marketing because marketing transmits innovation, increase their business knowledge, build lasting relationships and handle problems and increase self motivation.
5. There are various industries that offer wide range of incentives to people who are working the marketing department that makes this job more dynamic and target oriented.

There are several jobs of marketing in all over the world which are easy to get. Marketing executives can get more opportunities of jobs. There is no previous experience required for marketing jobs while all other jobs necessitate one or more experience for their jobs.
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I assume that you are asking us why a person should choose marketing as their specialization.

First of all, I would like to mention that Marketing can be taken up for specialization at bachelors and Masters Level both. There are Business Studies where you can choose it as a major and just specialized degrees too which just deal with the specific subject.

Marketing is a very good option for those people who are creative in thinking and want to put their creative side to use in different companies like advertising agencies etc. Every company has a marketing department and where some companies need marketing people for product development, some need them for researching, making forecasts, making print advertisements and TV commercials etc.

A person should choose marketing if he has a flair for any one of the things I have mentioned above. If you are planning to do your own business, even then marketing is a very good option since it teaches you all the techniques to open up a business and how to manage it. You get to learn about the competition you will face and you should overcome it. It will help you in making sales forecasts/analysis. You will learn how publicity affects your business.

I hope this answers your query.
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The main reason for specialization in marketing is due its vast range of opportunities in the working field. Nowadays in the business world the thing which is very clear to us is that if every organization has to flourish, it has to adopt the new techniques of marketing and in this way you can have a chance of successful future. With the specialization in this field you may be able to choose lot of different occupations; it will help you a lot to manage required relationships. Marketing people are the base or exactly the border between the organization and the clients.

To make a business successful the important part is the marketing strategies. If the marketing of a product gives a positive response the business will move ahead because the marketing is the first and almost last way to satisfy or attract your client. Nowadays there is tough competition in the markets, the rival firms are promoting there products for best result and if you are specialized in marketing you have a chance to prove yourself.

Therefore marketing as a carrier gives you more confidences rather than any other job. In this way you meet different people, knowing their views and get new ideas. So I will prefer to specialize in marketing for my carrier growth.
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Purushothaman Logabhiraman
Good to have like this in internet, because we are young students confused on what basis we have to take specialization in MBA. This has given us reason to choose why? Still we need more articles regarding, why we have to choose it? Thank you...
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A new business, idea and product evolves in the industry almost every new day. There are some financial businesses, some product related and some are about different services. For the growth of these business the first and the primary thing is to tell the world about these business. And this is the function of marketing department. So we can say that marketing is an essential element for any business. We can say that marketing will live until new businesses will be evolving in the world.

Marketing is a field, which carries lot of potential and almost 90% of marketing jobs are commissioned based so marketer can earn more as compared to other jobs. If you are a marketing specialized student so the entry point for you in any organization is a piece of cake, while the entry point takes two to three years for people who are specialized in other disciplines.

Once you are entered, you have your own circle of social contacts that increases rapidly and after one or two years you are in the position when you can ask for the raise in salary from the employers. But the primary thing for a marketer is to be bold and posses excellent communication skills. So if you posses these qualities than you must make your career in marketing.
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I am choosing marketing for my specialization because I enjoy going around and visiting places; so that is the one reason for selecting the major of Marketing for the post graduation. The other reason for selecting is that the scope of Marketing is very vast; you have a number of options that you can adopt. In marketing you cover marketing, sales, advertising and distribution. In marketing, growth chances are very high as compared to Finance and other fields so that is why I am selecting majors in marketing.

In marketing you study lots of things and the important thing is you can start your own business if you want to do later. So that is a basic reason for selecting Specialization in Marketing. The industry of marketing is very vast - in every industry and organization you have jobs available for marketing and sales and the salaries in marketing are usually higher than the other fields. So that is the main reason for selecting the majors in marketing. Marketing has wide scope and without marketing and sales the organization can not run its business so it is essential for every business. So marketing is a good field.
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Because by simply doing marketing, you can guarantee that your business will turn out into a success. Plus, marketing is an easy-to-learn method, thus, you just need vast information if you want to learn properly.

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