As An Investor, What Would Be Your Primary Objective?


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The primary objective of an investor is to make market gains. However other important factors must be considered such as: How much risk am I willing to subject my principal to? How long am I willing to wait? How much return do I want? Unfortunately there are many "professionals" in the industry who are all too willing to take your money and invest it for you. Before you trust anyone’s advice I would advise you to completely understand exactly how your investment works. If you do not have time to research your investment then do not invest period. Investing without first learning the mathematics behind the (1) timing, (2) allocation (3) the underlying value of the investment is like driving before you learn how. You will not end up at your finale destination.

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There are a couple of them.My Primary goal as an investor is currently investing for long term returns by of course securing the capital invested at the same time.I like to keep discovering innovative avenues of investment.Tracking the investments and managing the risk is an all time target.
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For me personally, it would be the longevity of the company and, of course, the percentage of return on my investment.

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the main objective in my case would be to increase the monthly earnings to get better resources constantly a tool with which I help myself is the page where I store my earnings and then I can change or mirrortrade to safely increase my income, especially that I do not have losses as large as I always plan before doing so

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