Thinking About Moving To Il. Can Medicaid Be Transferred To Another State Without Losing It All Together?


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That is nothing more than changing your address you must have this handled or at least in the making prior to moving, have knowledge of what needs to be done, so your business will not be held up once you are there address and all,have these things taken care of...hope this helps  
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It would best if you contact the Medi-cal offices and find out, usually they send you a pamphlet through the mail indicating what the rules and regulations are for changes in addresses and moving out of state,how to go about notifying them and so on,hope I've helped.
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I agree, call your agency and inquire just to make 100% sure. However, I truly do not think that they will "transfer" your funds. I believe you would need to start over and apply in the state you live in. You cannot collect money from one state when you live in another.

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