What Types Of Financial Market Structures Exist ?


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They are stocks and shares are traded between buyers and sellers in a number of manners including use of stock exchanges between buyers and sellers.
The financial markets are divided into many types
Capital markets which consist of: Stock markets,which is concerned with insurance stuff and which provide financing through the issuance of shares or common stock, which is common among all and is like stock market and enable the subsequent trading thereof.
Bond markets, which are purely concerned with bonds. They are also known as lucky bonds which provide financing through the issuance of Bonds, and enable the subsequent trading.
Commodity markets, which has a couple of commodities or facilitating products which facilitate the trading of commodities.
Money markets, which are [purely concerned with finance and which provide short term debt financing and investment.
Derivatives markets, which are working for alternatives which provide instruments for the management of financial risk.
Futures markets, which provide standardized straightforward contracts for trading products at some future date. They are about future prospects.
Insurance markets are mostly concerned with life and property insurance which facilitate the redistribution of risks.
Foreign exchange markets are involved in exchanging the economy of one country with another one and which facilitate the trading of foreign exchange.

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