What Are The Types Of Financial Information We Have?


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There can be various types of financial information because it totally depends on the nature of the business. However, I am giving some basic types of financial information:

The basic type of financial information is the financial statement. There are further four types of financial statements which include balance sheet, income & loss statement, retained earnings statement, owners' equity statement, and cash flow statement. Financial statements are the important types of statements which are prepared by all of the public and private taxable companies. Bank and credit card statements are also considered as a type of financial information but it is more considered on a personal level. Third type of financial information is the letters of the creditors which the bank of a trader issues to the corresponding bank of the second party, with which the trader is making a deal. Fourth type of financial information is the Merchant account statements. Moreover, if you are planning to get a loan then your credit history also gives important financial information about your historical records.  

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