What Is The Influence Of Normative And Comparative Reference Group?


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Both normative and comparative reference groups are important. There are three functions of reference groups. Firstly, they provide information to an individual or company, and by doing so help them to stay updated and adapt well to changes in society. Secondly, a reference group provides a means of comparison for personality or achievements and anything else. And finally, they offer guidance, whenever the individual or company is in need of it.

In terms of the influence of normative and comparative reference groups, a normative group sets the norms and values, whereas a comparative group is there to compare. The comparative group is there for you to compare your progress in life, your achievements in the past or even your possessions to see which one of you comes out on top.

A normative reference group is a group that has influence over the values or behaviour of an individual. Using the three functions of a reference group as mentioned above, they act as a sort of guide to the person by helping them adapt to society to live and survive, they act as a means of comparison and they are there for guidance if the individual needs it. For example, a child's normative reference group would be its immediate family i.e. Parents and siblings as these are likely to play an important role in shaping the child's values, view of the world and behaviour.

On the other hand, a comparative reference group is a group whose norms and values serve as a benchmark for narrowly defined or highly specific types or ways of behaving. In other words, a comparative group is just that, you compare to it. For example, you may compare yourself to someone you know whose lifestyle appears better than yours and is worthy of your admiration.
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Basically a normative reference group sets the standards, or norms, which you want to achieve yourself, while a comparative one is just that - ie, a group with which you compare your own progress, possessions or whatever, to see who has more. Here is a very short clear summary to get you started.

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