How can a business build a good reputation?


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A companies reputation can have major effects on its bottom line, it can and does impact how both customers and suppliers view it and use it. Perhaps you are a new start-up company or perhaps even a more established business, whatever you are building a solid reputation is essential if you want to have a longstanding and long lasting business.
SO here are a few tips, ideas and ways as to how do you build, keep and maintain a companies reputation: 1. Be professional at al times, this includes you, your staff, your employees and your family members (if possible).
2. Build your customer care, and customer service policies from day one and stick to them. Always give your customers 110%.
TOP TIP: Don't be afraid to seek professional advice wherever and whenever required. Getting advice and assistance early on can help put a stop to any problems that may occur a little further down the line.
3. Try to incorporate and build your USP into your reputation, for example if your USP is to offer 24/7 customer care then tell people about this.
4. Reinforce your reputation, by this I mean keep your word, be trustworthy, honest and reliable, stick to and keep any promises you make be it to a customer or to a supplier.
5. Decide what you want your company reputation to be built on, is it good value, affordable prices, honesty and so on and create a mission statement that works around this, use and reinforce this message as and wherever necessary.
TOP TIP: Remember that building a reputation takes time, hard work, dedication and patience, you cannot expect it to all happen overnight.
6. Plan ahead, when building a reputation its always best to plan ahead, by this I mean plan how you will build your reputation where and when, for example will it be built by you, your staff and your company checking prices to make sure they are competitive or could it perhaps be based on you and your business/company doing more community work and projects. Whatever reputation you want to build up, its best to start planning and putting it into action from day one.
7. Start and carry on mingling, networking and meeting new people - this is a good way to build up a company reputation - as no doubt your company and its reputation will be talked about in a positive light through both referrals and word of mouth. So be a people person.
I hope you have found this article both helpful and useful, good luck with your business, I wish you every success.
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To build a good reputation in any business, there are several things to consider:

Be honest in dealing with clients/customersKeep your wordBe punctualDon't give unrealistic service or finish dates just to get the jobHire only those of high moral and work ethicsTreat your clients/customers with respect and dignityWord of mouth can be the best advertisement, or the worst, depending on your reputation. So following the above tips can make or break your business, especially in today's economic climate.
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Providing best services to your clients, and maintaining  a healthy communication with  them. Dedication  and commitment is very important in business. Try to build up a good reputation with the clients.
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Your reputation is perhaps your single most valuable asset in business. Conventional wisdom is that knowledge and experience are, but those can be hired, acquired and outsourced. A reputation takes time to build, and yet can be lost in an instant.Reputation drives word-of-mouth marketing, the most effective marketing for entrepreneurs (studies show that networking and referrals drive roughly 2/3 of business for entrepreneurs).
As your business grows and you create a pool of satisfied customers, your reputation will grow naturally.

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