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It is possible to gain instant access to your Sears credit card account by logging in online at If you are having trouble signing into your Sears account, you can contact the Sears technical helpline on 1 800 815 7701 or the Sears credit card account helpline on 1 800 917 7700.

The Sears credit card is advertised to improve your life with quality products. The card can be used at Sears and Kmart stores and gives you a range of offers on many home appliances including microwaves, refrigerators, tools, washers and dryers and much more. The cards can be paid in monthly instalments and customers are offered rewards and 24/7 customer service. Sears offer customers monthly savings and valuable coupons. They also offer instant and secure access to your account both online and over the phone. The cards also have $0 liability on unauthorized purchases, give customers the opportunity to return items without a receipt, additional users can be added at no extra cost and it has Citi identity theft solutions included in the cost. Shoppers at Sears and Kmart can use the card should they forget their normal debit or credit card. Sears cards can be applied for online at

In addition to the Sears credit card, the company also offers a card in coordination with Mastercard. This offers members additionally monthly offers and vouchers as well as purchase assurance and extended warranty coverage. It also gives customers the opportunity to join the Sears Choice Rewards Program. Points are rewarded for every $1 spent that can be redeemed for a number of rewards, activities and gifts.

Businesses and property managers can sign up for a Sears Commercial One card. This allows customers to view detailed and itemized invoices for any purchases that they make. There is extensive record keeping, simplified expense tracking and orders can be made over the phone.

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