What Are The Various Kinds Of Markets Around Us?


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A market is a physical palce where buyers and sellers meet and exchange goods, services and information.Markets serve a link between producers and consumers,thereby ensuring the distribution of goods and services in a society
There are two kinds of activities that take place in a market--- buying and selling
In ancient days, before the invention of money,people met in the market to barter or exchange goods and services and money was invented after barter system due to some disadvantages of barter system.
From being just a palce of barter or exchange markets grown in size, number and complexity, consisting now of a whole range of activities.There are different types of markets.They are WEEKLY MARKETS, NEIGHBOURHOOD SHOPS AND SUPER MARKETS AND MALLS.
WEEKLY MARKETS are held once a week,on a specified day in a particular area.they are often seen in rural area, small towns and in the outskirts of big cities.Weekly markets do not have permanent shops.They sell all kinds of things,ranging from vegetables to clothes and utensils at much lower rates than the usually available in bigger shops.the markets usually shifts to another location the next days.
NEIGHBOURHOOD MARKETS consist of all those shops that cater to immidiate needs of the people of the locality of neighbourhood  such as grocery shops that sell milk egg bread toilet articles other grocery items shops that sell readymade garmets hardware sationary vegetables etc.These also have tailors cobblers road side eateries restaurents etc.Through such shops may not offer much choice they are convenient for the people of the neighbourhood.
Increasingly these days the smaller markets and shops in town cities are being repalced by SUPERMARKETS AND MALLS.are very bg usually air conditioned, shopping complexes that have shops selling variety of goods and services.One advantage of supermarket is availbility of most things under one roof.

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