Is Bank Wire Transfer A Safe Way Of Moving Money?


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Good question. Yes, Bank wire transfer is safe. It is the safest way to transfer money directly from one bank account to the other, by going to your local branch and making the transaction. The catch is, someone on the receiving end will have to go in personally to make the transaction there.

A slightly more practical way is to use Western Union or Moneygram, which are commercial money transfer companies. You can pay with your credit card or any other form of payment and get money wired to a friend in another town. Western unions are in wal-marts and so are Moneygrams. Only catch here is there is a fee for these services, a fee of up to 8 or 10 percent of the amount sent.

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Well, banking norms have changed and yes they safety might be an essential aspect, but then you would not want to waste a bomb ensuring that safety..Believe me, today the world has gone ONLINE and YES it is time we start using online services for the same. I personally use, for my money transfer services. Its safe and the site I VERISIGN secure !!

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