How Can I Find My Deceased Father's Bank Accounts?


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You need to find out about the details in his will, if there was one. If he did not make a will, all of his money and properties will either go to his next of kin or the estate. All of his financial items must be dealt with by the trustee of his estate before going to any heirs. If there was no will, the deceased’s estate will be dealt with by an administrator.

If you have not done so already, you should check with them and/or the solicitor that is dealing with your father’s documents as he/shethey will have access to such information. Also get your own a lawyer for yourself to deal with the hard stuffmore intricate details. This will also be wise if you have other family members involved here, to avoid any complications.

As most people keep hold of important documents such as bank statements and utility bills, finding the right documents should not be too hard. Your father would probably have stored documents and papers with bank details on them which will allow you to find where he had accounts. You could check with the banks as to what you can do about the accounts although, probate researchers are used to prove the rightful heir’s deceased estates.

All deaths go through the probate legal system and so by using a probate lawyer, you should otherwise be able to find all of his accounts as well as access the money in them once all debts have been paid off. Before you can gain access to the money, if it is then rightfully yours, debts such as mortgages must be paid first. There is a 12 year limit on claiming inheritance in the UK after which, the Treasury Department will take it. If the money in the accounts areis required soon, for example to pay the funeral bills, the administrator can apply for a grant to access the accounts.
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My dad had a few bank accounts but only had information on one how do I go about finding the other ones with out no proof
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In case you father has passed away and you need to access his bank accounts, you will have to show a proof to the bank that your father is no more. You will have to show the copy and the original of the death certificate which proves that the person who has been holding an account in the bank has deceased.

In order to get access to the money in the account, you need to prove that you are the legitimate son of the deceased. For the proof of it, you can show the results of the DNA test or any other proof which states that you are legal heir to the account.

This is very important to show all these things otherwise the bank will not transfer the ownership of the account in your name. This is the bank policy.
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Besides what the other person told you remember you must show proof that your are the executor or his estate. He will show who the executor of the estate is as it may not be you. Contact his lawyer for that information if you know who he has used. Just because you are his son may not be enough proof that you have access to his accounts.
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Showing the will that says you are the executor of the will is not enough for most banks.My mothers bank,( Ridgewood), didn't accept the will. They asked for the Letters that are given after the WILL IS PROBATED.
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Well you can contact with the swiss bank where you can ask them to check the account money with the documents you have and if the money is tranferred to any other bank or place they must have the record which can tell you about the movement of your father money which you can take easily.

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