In Kentucky, How Much Money Can I Make While Drawing Unemployment?


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In order to find out precisely how much you’re allowed to earn whilst you’re drawing unemployment in Kentucky, you will need to get in touch with your local authority. This is because the information could change depending on your circumstances, so any estimate on the Internet will not be as accurate as you require.

Unfortunately, given the current economic issues, many American citizens are losing their jobs. Given that the job market is currently flooded with potential applicants, finding a new job has become more difficult. This is why so many people in the US, and Kentucky are struggling to find new jobs. Because of this, people are taking unemployment benefits to help keep their family going.

Given that this is only a benefit, however, many people struggle to live a normal life on this money. The government can’t afford to give you the same as you would with a job, and hence, many people are now looking to source a new income that can be added on top of the money that they receive from the government. Given the threshold, however, only a certain amount of money can be made.

Many people just look for odd jobs that are much more common in an economy like we have today. You should get in touch with local banks and realtors, and see if you’ll be able to paint foreclosed houses. You could even get in touch with local roofers to see if they need a hand.

They will be able to offer you work, but not work that will provide a huge amount of income. These odd jobs are usually okay to do when you’re taking unemployment benefits, as the amount you are receiving is not sufficient to raise a family on, or pay for bills.

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