How Much Money Can You Make On Unemployment Maryland?


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There is no single answer to this question, though it is important to recognize some facts before we understand why this is so.
  1. You will be ineligible for unemployment if you quit your last job.
  2. You must be ready, willing and able to work in order to claim unemployment in Maryland.
  • Base Period
Now, the crucial factor in determining how much you can make on unemployment in Maryland is something called your base period. This essentially means the amount of money you made in the twelve months before losing your last job and making your claim.

If you worked full-time in all four quarters of the last year, your weekly benefit amount will be approximately a half of your gross weekly wage (up to the maximum weekly benefit amount in force at the time you apply).

  • Additional Entitlements
If you have worked outside Maryland, for the Federal Government or in the Armed Forces during your base rate period, you need to report this when you file your claim, because in certain circumstances, those wages can be combined with your Maryland wages, giving you a higher gross weekly wage for calculation purposes, and therefore a higher weekly benefit allowance.

Sadly, if you have no Maryland wages during the base period, you may have to file a Federal claim or an interstate claim (though Division of Unemployment Insurance staff can help you to do this).

The current weekly benefit amount in the State of Maryland ranges between a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $430.

  • Base Period Mathematics
It is worth keeping in mind that the base period is not strictly the exact twelve months before you filed your claim. Standard base periods work on a four-quarter basis, rather than a calendar year basis, so for instance if you make a claim in the first three months of the year, your base period will have begun not the previous year, but the year before that on October 1st, and run through to September 31st, the year before you made your claim. Similarly, if you claim in April, May or June one year, your base period will be January 1st -December 31st the previous year, and so on. All this information and more is available at
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My niece is making $1500 per month and just got laid off, how much will see get on unemployment.
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Can you please tell me I just started collecting unemployment 380 weekly. I live in Maryland, my boss just called me on Friday and asked me to work this coming weekend. I will make about 125 a day and buy the time they take taxes out it will come to about 100 a day.

I am going to report this to unemployment how much will they take out of my check. Thanks in advance
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The Min is $65 per week...the Max is $380 per week.

Also for 2009 there is an extra $25 for each week you make a claim ( part of the stimulus bill-ARRA).

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