Can I Work And Still Receive Unemployment Benefits?


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I am a HR (personnel) person. In some states (perhaps all ) you can still collect Unemployment- even though you are working. The answer has to do with how much you made before you went on Unemployment?, how MUCH time you are working while you are ON Unemployment and how much money you are making at this new job?. Contact your Unemployment Office (where you applied)- answer their questions honestly and they will tell you if you can still collect partial or full benefits. If you fail to let them know you have found work- you will be breaking the law and the penalty would not be worth the money you get NOW but would have to pay back latter. Added to that- the punishment can be steep. If you read your Unemployment Paperwork you will see that when you signed up for UE you AGREED that you would inform UE if and when- you began to work again. Don't take a chance on ruining your future.
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i understand i guess my husband is the one working for the income he is 1099 we incorporated a business to make him a w-2 employee to with hold taxes technically i am not making any money i just own the corporation
guess i should just ask twc huh
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If you are working full time, you cannot receive unemployment benefits. When you file your biweekly claim, you are asked if you are working. If you answer truthfully and are working full time, your benefits will be stopped. However, if you lie, you will get caught and will have to pay a penalty.
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Should your answer reflect that you are speaking from a about US law? It looks like from the username, this person may not be referring to/asking about US unemployment laws, but of course I am not sure about this.

And just a quick follow up Q if you would be so kind--So is it true in some cases that in the US one can be working part-time, rather than full time, and still possibly receive unemployment benefits?
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In answer to the above comment from amore01, yes. But it all depends on your benefit rate and earnings for the week. In PA, for instance, say your weekly benefit rate is $100. You can make 40% of that, or $40 and still receive the $100. Anything over $40 is subtracted dollar for dollar. However, if you only worked part time in the base year, you will be considered fully employed at the hours you are working. The only way to find out for sure is to file a claim, which a lot of people don't.
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Ethicaky speaking: No you can not. Because once you start working, the govt. Should not benefit you from the unemployment. You need to tell the authorities about it and then you will be eligible only for the payment of your salary.
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I'm from texas my benefits run out july6th 2010, it says I can draw up to 92 weeks, I will be at 72. Will they reapply, I have been drawing since feb. 2009.
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I am receiving unemployment right now, will I lose my unemployment benefits If I work for the elections?
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How do I know how much I can earn in a job and still collect unemployment ? I am a single mother of two and before I got laid off I made $55k now I receive $354 a week barely covers my rent
I have a question also. I am unemployed right now . But I applied for a seasonal job at the irs as a data transcriber and they said the other people I ask is they said it only 3 months jobs. And it pays good but would I be approved for filing another claim for my unemployment benefits . Please let help me to let me know?

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