Can You Please Inform Me About The Types Of Report In A Business?


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The Short Report (Informal):
This type of report may range from a single page to several pages. Usually, it is presented in the form of a letter or memorandum addressed to a person or persons at whose instruction the report is made. It is signed and dated by the writer. To make it clear, a subject heading is also given. It does not carry a cover, table of content, or any special display except necessary tabulations. In style, the informal report is personal and relaxed. The first person "I" or "We" is used.

Terms of References:
The subject matter of this type of report is presented in the following order. It is the beginning of the report. The report is mentioned. Its scope is indicated.

Here the method of investigation is indicated. Sources consulted and inquiries made are also mentioned.

During the preparation of the report, the writer collects certain facts and observes certain things. He mentions them in this part of the report.

The result, which the writer draws from the facts, is given in this part.

If the writer is asked for suggestions, it is in this part that he will offer his recommendations and conclude the report.

The Long Report (Formal):
This type of report is comparatively lengthy. It is about some large problem or many problems. It is result of intensive investigation, so it tends to be long. When it is exceedingly long, a brief summary of its main points may be included with it, generally immediately after the introduction. In style, the long report is relatively impersonal and restrained. For the sake of objectivity, the writer strives to subdue his own personality and pint of view. Generally, he does not refer to himself as I or We but uses such third-person references as 'the writer', 'the investigator', it was learned; and investigation disclosed'. As a rule, formal reports are accompanied by a letter.
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There are two types of business report: one is short report and other is long report.
The special business report can be classified into two categories. The short report and long report, also called the INFORMAL REPORT and THE FORMAL REPORT. The short report may range from short statement of facts presented on a single page to a longer presentation taking several pages. The short, informal, report is usually submitted in the form of a letter or memorandum. It does not carry a cover, table of contents or any special display.
in style, this short report is personal, informal and relaxed. It is written in the first person (I or WE), unlike the formal report in which the use of first person is usually for the sake of complete objectivity.

The report is always a long one and consists of all or only some of these parts: cover, title page, contents page, and letter of transmittal (covering letter), summary, introduction, and the body of report, conclusion with or without recommendations, appendix, bibliography, and index. It is even printed sometime and bound in hard covers like a book. When it happens to be very long, a summary of its main points is given after the introduction.
In style, the long or formal report is impersonal and restrained in tone. The writer or writers generally do not use the first person (I or WE), but used third-person reference in some such ways. "It was found" and "the writers are of the opinion" etc.
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• A communication of information or advice from a person who has collected and studied the facts…..
• ….to a person who has asked for the report because he/she needs it for a specific purpose.
• "Often the ultimate function of a report is to provide a basis for a decision or action"
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Name 7 type of Business Report

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