What Is Schematic Report In Business Communication?


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A schematic report is a lot like regular reports, in that it is presented as a printed and bound report in written form. What makes it different is the contents of the report. The report will present an argument or point with visual and creative properties. In other words, it is more like a presentation than a narrative.

Most schematic reports have narrative text along with some visuals to help sell the point. There is quite a bit of emphasis on the tables, pictures, and images. It helps all people in the meeting or reading the report to understand what is going on. Some individuals learn great with just words, but others can learn better with visuals.

Presentation software is used in order to create the schematic report. PowerPoint is one of the most popular choices for presentation software. Slides can be made with visuals and text in an easy way.

There are plenty of benefits involved with using schematic reports as they offer a concise way to communicate. It is also a faster production because there is less text and less editing. It can be used to send to others or as a presentation in a meeting.

Schematic reports are used for research, strategic market analysis, competitive intelligence, business plans, proposals, and information system recommendations. Within schematic reports, the concise properties of normal written reports is overlooked. It does not need an exact coherent structure, but it should have a thread that ties it all together from slide to slide. The structure needs to be obvious and easy to follow.

All in all, a schematic report is another form of the written word with visuals and text, but in an easier to read format. It has become more popular in recent years given the need for quick reports with important information explained in detail without confusing the reader.
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