What Are The Types Of Informal Reports?


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It is generally considered that there are 6 types of informal reports. These are as follows:

  • Information Reports

This usually follows the format of introduction, main body and conclusion. These reports are usually just data based, and used to stack necessary data e.g. Daily activity.

  • Progress Reports

These are progress-based reports that satisfy questions in the vein of, 'is anything in addition needed to complete the activity?' or 'is everything running according to plan?'. It is essentially a troubleshoot checker.

  • Recommendation Reports

These reports are largely oriented around analysis. This is the trouble shoot report, offering solutions to problems and evaluating pros and cons.

  • Feasibility reports

How feasible is the project? These reports suggest whether it is likely to fail or succeed, and whether it's wise to invest (further) capital.

  • Minutes of Meeting

This is a report that accounts for all details of the meetings, including date, time and discussions.

  • Summaries

This is the final evaluation of the entire project, and aims to provide an overview of performance.

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We have 6 types of Informal reports:

1. Information

2. Progress

3. Recommendation and justification

4. Feasibility

5. Summary

6. Minutes of Mettings

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