How Long Can You Get Unemployment In Ohio?


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By unemployment I assume you mean unemployment benefit?
As of March 2011 Unemployment levels in Ohio have dropped to nine per cent (9%) but that’s still higher than the average for the United States which is 8.7%, a difference of 0.3 %.
Fortunately Ohio is one of a hand full of States that sets the maximum number of weeks of benefits at ninety nine (99) weeks. If you were in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska or New Hampshire you’d only be entitle to 60 weeks.
Still to get ninety nine weeks of benefits, you have to jump over a couple of hurdles. Firstly you will be eligible for up to twenty six (26) weeks of benefits from the regular state-funded unemployment compensation program.
You will have to meet all eligibility requests each week. Once these twenty six (26) weeks have passed and if you’re still not in work, you may qualify for Federal Extended unemployment benefits. Once you pass all of the eligibility tests, your weekly benefit amount will remain the same as before. This is the Tier 1 program. If your situation does not change you’ll qualify for the Tier 2 program, which could mean you receive a lower benefit amount than the initial twenty six (26) weeks or the Tier 1 program.
As times are particularly tough, workers in any state who exhaust their regular UI (Unemployment Insurance) benefits before they get some a work can obtain up to thirty four (34) additional weeks of benefits through the temporary federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. That number rises to fifty three (53) weeks in states with especially high unemployment rates, such as Ohio.
Get in contact with the Office of Unemployment Compensation, which is part of Job & Family Services at Ohio government offices. You can now manage your account from the comfort of your own home as The Office of Unemployment Compensation now offers Unemployed Workers and Employers the ability to manage their Unemployment account on line -
So to break it down, you can receive twenty six weeks (26) of Regular UI benefits, then fifty three (53) weeks of EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation ) and then twenty (20) weeks of EB (Extended Benefits)
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If you are a layed off teacher how long can you receive unemployment benefits in the state   of ohio

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