How Long Can You Draw Unemployment In Tennessee?


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The maximum length of time you can collect unemployment benefits for in Tennessee, or any other part of the United States, is twenty six weeks. In order for you to be eligible collect unemployment benefits you must meet all of the necessary requirements. In some extreme cases, i.e. When the unemployment rate is very high in the state, you may be able to claim benefits for longer although this may not be available in all states. As of May 21st 2011, Tennessee has in fact reinstated the Extended Benefits program, more details can be found at

You can find the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development online at  Here you can find all of the information about claiming benefits and make an estimation about what you are entitled to.

It is impossible to file for Tennessee employment benefits online. This can be done on their website, and is a relatively straight forward process. Through this website you can also file for weekly certifications, report a missing check, file an appeal among other things. In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits you will need to prove that you became unemployed through no fault of your own. Once you know that you are eligible for benefits you can choose to ‘Apply for Unemployment’ on TDLW website. In this application you will need to fill in all the requested information including your Social Security number, contact information, recent and previous employers in the past year, gross earnings, school status, pension or retirement pay, worker’s compensation pay and holiday pay. Once you have filled this information out you will need to mail a Direct Deposit Request along with a voided check. This check will give the department the necessary details to deposit the money into your checking or savings account. Wait for a UI Claimant Wage Information letter in the mail. This will tell you how much of the salary that you have made at your previous employer will cover your unemployment. You will also be told how much the TDLW are willing to pay you biweekly. Make sure that you carry out every scheduled application for a weekly certification and contact the TDLW if you have not had any response within 3 weeks.
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As of now you can get up to 59 weeks of UI benefits in Tenn if eligible.

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