How Long Can You Collect Unemployment In New Jersey?


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The state of New Jersey typically assigns a date to collect unemployment benefits. In case you missed out on your assigned date, New Jersey's Department of Labor and Workforce Development provides that you claim your unemployment benefits on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday on the following week of your assigned date. You are advised to claim your unemployment benefits right away to avoid delay or be a cause of its denial.

To claim your unemployment benefits you must file a claim. You can do this online or through the telephone. It is important that you strictly follow the procedure and file the necessary documents to process your application. Additionally, be informed that there are no charges for filing an unemployment claim in New Jersey or in any other state or territory for that matter.

● Filing online

Simply visit to file your new unemployment claim or reopen an existing unemployment claim. To be eligible you must meet the following requirements:
- All your work must be in New Jersey for the past 18 months;
- You are not employed in the military, federal government, or as a maritime employee for the past 18 months;
- You reside in the United States;
- You do not intend to reopen or file for extended benefits;
- In filing your claim, have your social security number ready;
- Should you wish to claim your benefits through your bank, have your bank information ready;
- For non-US citizen, have your Alien Registration Documentation ready, as well as your Employment Authorization Card or Permanent Resident Card as the case may be;
- Have your employer information on hand, including the date of your employment and cause of separation
- A New Jersey driver's license or a Non-Driver Photo Identification card will help in expediting your claim.

● Filing through the telephone

You can also file your claim via the telephone. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development website provides for a Reemployment Call Centres and its telephone numbers. The call centres are open from 7:00 AM-6:00 PM Mondays to Friday and 8:00 AM to 12 noon on Saturdays not including holidays.

It is advisable to follow the scheduled days corresponding to the last digit of your social security number. Mondays are devoted for 0-3; Tuesdays 4-6; Wednesday 7-9 and there are no limit on Thursdays and Fridays.

After filing your claim and you are entitled to a benefit check, expect your check to be mailed on the next business day after your claim it over the internet or the telephone.
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How long can I collect unemployment in NJ? I have worked full time for 24 years and have been out since Nov 1 2009

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