What Are The Informal Goals?


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Just like the organizations have informal structures they also have informal goals. These type of the goals of any organization is also called the culture of this organization. In an organization the people share values, expectations and beliefs in the environment of the organization. The unstated cultural goals of an organization may not show up among official published policies and procedures. They tend to surface in what people say and in the atmosphere of the organization. Figuring out informal goals or culture is less straight forward than reading the formal goals. First listen to the stories people tell about the company. Often these stories are called company myths so ordinary staff knows about the informal goals.

In summary, listen to the stories people tell and the language they use for your first clues about the organization's informal goals. So the informal goals are very important for the organizations. The companies assign special team to meet these goals these types of goals are not communicated by the management to the all the lower management and staff. But there are some special people who are assigned responsibility to carry these tasks. So the informal goals are not officially declared by the company but they are achieved by other means.

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