Can I Work Part Time And Get Unemployment In Florida?


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In Florida, you can have unemployment, AND get paid for part time work.. HOWEVER... In Florida, your part time pay is taken off the amount you are entitled to for unemployment.
For example.. You are making 275 a week (the max in FLorida) and you work a part time job that pays 200 a week.. You will receive the 200 from your employer, and 75 from unemployment.
If you work more than 275 Dollars a week worth you don't loose Unemployment credits for that period.

Needless to say, Florida DOESNT reward you for getting a job. The claim is... Employers will be happy to see that you are working for peanuts, while you are unemployed. Not always the smartest option... But if there are no jobs in your field, it beats sitting at home making 275. At least you are doing something making the 275+.
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If you are recieving emergency unemployment can you work part time if you
live in Florida without loosing your benefits
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Hello: That is a good question, but you found the right place to move! But I would say; depending on your salary, Florida pays more. Sooooooo.... You may have a problem if you were already collecting unemployment in another state before. Mare
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No, You must be unemployed. I have never heard of anyone being able to draw unemployment and have any type of work.
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You should do research befor you answer someones question. He isn't asking for your opionion he needs facts!!!
And yes you can have a part time job in lots of states and still receive unemployment!

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