Where Do I Find My Irs Payment History?


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The best, easiest and most reliable way for anyone to access your complete tax history is to get in touch with the IRS directly. It is not recommended that you try any other way as contacting the IRS is the most dependable method. For your maximum convenience there are two main ways that you can contact the IRS, by phone or by mail, and it is absolutely free!

To get in touch with the IRS by telephone, first dial 1-800-829-1040. You will be put through to an automated message. This part can sometimes be a long process as you have to listen to all of the options listed to you and sometimes they are repeated but just bear with it. Listen to all the options that are listed to you and select ’Questions about your personal income taxes’ by selecting the number that you are given. Listen again for ‘questions about a form you have already submitted, your tax history or payment’ and press the corresponding number. More options will then be read to you and select ‘for all questions, including tax history and payment’. Then select the number for ‘all other questions including tax history and payment’. You will then be asked to enter your Social Security number and once you do that, you will be given a waiting time (be prepared as this could be a long time). Once your time is up, ask the IRS agent for exactly what you want.

If you want to find out your tax history by mail, then log onto,,id=110571.html Look around on the home page and open the link called IRS Form 4506T, this is a request for a transcript of tax return. Fill this form out fully and return it to the location that is correct for you. You can find these on the original IRS website stated above. You will probably receive your form in about two weeks.

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