Sample Letter For IRS Payment Plan?


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If you’re applying for an IRS Payment plan because you have defaulted on the payment of your taxes, a standard letter needs to accompany your application for a payment plan.  While the IRS website provides information about the application process, here’s a sample and a general format of the letter you need to submit along with documentation supporting your reason for defaulting on payment. 

A sample IRS letter is structured as follows: 

To: The IRS Compliance Officer / Penalty Abatement Coordinator 
(Mention the address which you find printed on your tax notice) 

From: Your name, address and telephone number 

Subject: Request for Payment Plan for SSN/TIN number (enter your SSN here) 

To whom it may concern, 

This letter is in response to your notice dated (insert the date you received the tax notice here.)  I am unable to meet my tax obligations for the period (insert the period for which you are unable to pay) due to overwhelming financial liabilities on account of being unemployed since April this year coupled with having suffered a heart attack.  I have only recently secured a job which pays significantly lower than my previous job. I have had my mortgage lender foreclose on my home since I cannot afford to make payments with my current paycheck. I have also not been able to pay my taxes.  Since I am employed, I would like to request a payment plan for my taxes and be able to meet my financial obligations with respect to my taxes. 

I am a single parent taking care of an aged father and two teenage sons and making large payments is out of my reach.  Therefore, I attach with this letter, the forms needed and the documents to support my claims of unemployment and illness. 

Please consider my petition to defer or plan out the tax payments I owe. I may be reached on my cellular phone at 222-222-2222 between 9:00 A.M. And 4:00 P.M. 


(Your name here)

The letter to the IRS accompanies other forms such as Form 9465, an Installment Agreement Request and Form 2159, a Payroll Deduction Agreement.
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You should send an application along with the above mentioned documents. You can do it yourself or ask your tax professional to do it for you. You can download the application form at the link below. It also provides valuable information on the process of setting up IRS payment:
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I need a letter stating that I have enclosed a copy of the Account Transcript in which will clear me from paying the NY taxes charged.

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