How Do I Download My Unemployment Payment History?


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It is fairly straight forward to download your unemployment history. First, you head to the website that you have registered your unemployment claims with. If you can't remember which one it is, it is worth checking your paper documents as the web address is more than likely to be on one of the forms.

Next, you must sign in to your unemployment account. You should find that there is a 'messages' section; click on this. When you open up this page, you need to search for a message which contains your tax document. Once you've found this message, you will need to open it up and then click the download link on the tax document file.

You will need to save it to your computer and the easiest way is to save it direct to your desktop so it is easy to access and it doesn't get lost in a 'downloads' folder. You are then free to open it up on your computer and if you need to you can print out a copy. Remember to keep this document safe and make sure nobody else can get access to this; as it is private information and could be used in an attempt of fraud.
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I need my unemployment payment history

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