How Long To You Have To Work In Nj To Collect Unemployment?


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To collect unemployment benefit in New Jersey you need to have been in employment for 20 consecutive weeks. This rule is stipulated by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Other conditions are that you have lived in New Jersey for 18 months and during your 20 weeks in employment earned at least $7,300. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development website at carries extensive details about claims including an Question and Answer section.

  • Where can I register my claim?
You will need to phone the Department to find out which office is closest to your home to register your claim. You will have to bring your Social Security and the name and addresses of your last four employers along with the dates of your employment with each company.

  • How is unemployment defined?
To qualify for unemployment benefit you have to have been made unemployed involuntary. If you have resigned or simply left a job you won't be eligible for any benefit. Exceptions can be made if you have been forced to leave because of a workplace conflict but proving this can be a long and difficult process.

  • How much unemployment benefit will I be paid?
You will receive 60% of your average weekly wage over the past year up to a maximum of $598/week. This is the 2011 rate and is reviewed on an annual basis

  • General rules
The best way to get information is to check out the details listed on the website and to contact the Department who will be able to answer questions specific to your circumstances. The rules are very strictly adhered to but special circumstances can be thrown up which require a particular ruling or interpretation.
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Any state will figure out if your entitle to benefits from the formula they use (all states use a different formula) As for NJ its:
NJ 20 base weeks (20% of AWW)
or alternative: 1,000 times the state minimum hourly wage. ($6.55/hr state minimum wage).
The Min wages would be $2860 just to get the Min WBA at $97 per week or Max at $684 per week if eligible.
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35 years

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