What Credit Union Services The Bureau Of Prison Employees?


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The AOD Federal Union caters to the bureau of prison employs. The AOD Federal Credit Union is a multiple group credit union which is situated in Bynum, in the state of Alabama and comes under the jurisdiction of Region III. Its area of membership constitutes of above hundred groups, concerning those which are federal, local agency employed as well as private sector in nature. It provides all services related to credit unions and has many divisions.

One of its divisions, BOPTI Federal Credit Union is a professional credit union which caters to the employees of the Bureau of Prisons Terminal Island in California, and it has workers at eighteen other prison services all over the country.

However its membership eligibility is conventional, in the sense that it caters to only the employees of a single employer.
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To reiterate the answer, BOPTI FCU is NOT a division of AOD FCU. They are two different credit unions. BOPTI FCU is a "traditional" credit union, having only one field of membership, which happens to be Bureau of Prisons employees. AOD is a multi group credit union, which means they assist in more than one field of membership.

Secondly, BOPTI Federal Credit Union, at the time of the posting, serviced about 27 institutions of the Bureau of Prisons. As of today, May 30, 2008, BOPTI serves over 30 institutions across the United States.

There are other credit unions out there that serve a single institution (Leavenworth has their own, and I know Atlanta used to have their own as well) Justice Federal Credit Union is another credit union that would serve Bureau of Prisons employees.

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