How Do I Find My Median Credit Score Without Affecting It By Looking Or Signing Up For Services I Don't Want Or Need?


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Unfortunately, the 3 credit reporting agencies charge to generate a report. You could probably do a 1-time report online and print it out. It is probably worth it if you can spare the $25-30, for peace of mind. Good luck. I use equifax, personally. Here is a link. Its for a one time report.
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If you are just wondering but not really ready to buy yet within 6 months, it's ok to get a report all the time, But don't get into habit of asking for a report, whether it's free or 20.00 dollars to you. The reason is every time you check your score, your score goes down. That's one thing that public (most of) doesn't know. The more your credit goes down, the higher rate you will get, the more expensive it will be for you. I'm a loan officer that's why I know.

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