Why has the ACORN founder and Service Employees International Union organizer Wade Rathke acknowledged that the tea party movement has been more effective than the Occupy Wall Street fleabaggers in influencing American politics?


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Because when the economy collapses, and the dollar ain't worth a dime, acorns will be the new currency. This is the reason that Rick Perry and his cronies have been busy shooting all the squirrels, so as they can't eat the money that is growing on the trees. This will also create jobs for the fleabags, as they will need people to gather all the acorns, and deliver them to the banks.
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Lynne Dwyer
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I have all kinds of squirrels, I'm gonna be rich!!!
Ray Ottewell
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Its all mine I tells yer all mine !!!!
Joseph Michael Wasik
You have a sense of humor and creativity, Ray.

Lynne, squirrels taste good. Red squirrels are bigger than grey squirrels with more meat. Try it. You'll like it. Not on the typical restaurant menus, though. You need to go out and shoot these buggers or trap them. If you trap them, the easiest way to kill them is to drown them before you skin them and cook them. Recommend grilling with the lid down.. MMMM MMMM MMMM
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Rathke also had to acknowledgs the fact that his supporters, employees, and the likes were creating, using, giving false ballot information in order to swing votes. Nothing that man says can be taken as anything meaningful to anyone.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Yep. Some western lingo. This is old news. He's the primary one that got Obama elected in the first place. I sure would've disliked McCain in there. I did vote for Palin, though. It's better that the Democrats are taking the heat of ruining our country's economy and causing the population to rise up in the Tea Parties. It's not that the Republicans are innocent. They, too, are selfish, short-sighted, morons. Kick them all out. Start fresh.

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