How Does Poor Job Analysis Impact On Employees?


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A job analysis is done so that the firm can match skill sets to the particular job. Skill sets could refer to technical as well as managerial skills. Once the required skill sets are determined the firm can then recruit people who have those skills.

Once the people are recruited they need to be fitted into the hierarchy of the firm. A career path has to be defined for them. If the job analysis is poor then everything is affected adversely. A firm could recruit the wrong person for the job because the skills that he has does not match the demands posed by the job. If he manages to overcome the skill mismatch there could be motivational issues. It is difficult to motivate someone over a period of time who is not suited to the job. His productivity will be low and the firm will suffer. Due to these reasons job analysis should be performed by experts.
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Is it possible for a pilot to operate the aircraft without nevigation kits? Possibly not. Job analysis is just like the nevigation kit for the employees. Employees can have a clear idea aout a job just by having a glance at the job description. Poor job analysis directs personnel to the wrong way. The result is poor organizational performance. Employees also have to afford some stresses if appropriate picture of job is not given to them. They may become frustrated and demotivated running without guidelines.
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A poor job analysis can have either a negative impact or a positive impact, depending on how the analysis is worded.

If the analysis is seen by the employee as condescending towards him, it will obviously have a bad effect in the sense the employee will develop a negative attitude against the analyser as well as the organisation.

If it is worded correctly, it may even turn out to be a motivating factor for the employee as it will encourage him to work harder and improve his performance.

Sometimes, it also depends on factors like the employee's maturity level, mindset, ability to take criticism well, misinterpretation of the analysis, as well as the kind of working relationship that the employer shares with his employee.

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